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Details for "Black Magic" Pastel

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Meeting Room Olbrich Gardens3330 Atwood AvenueMadison, WI, 53704(608)246-4733

"Black Magic" Pastel

- for Adults and Youth (ages 13 and up with an adult); each attendee pays the registration fee.

Kay Brathol-Hostvet Art Workshops

Black supports can help create mystery or mood in your work, as well as make your colors sing! We'll explore the use of different black papers for nature-based projects, from life and/or photographs. This workshop is geared toward intermediate to advanced pastel students but beginners with good drawing skills are welcome. You are required to have an assortment of both hard and soft pastels for this workshop (see recommended brands list). Please do not bring: oil pastels, Craypas, cheap and dusty child/student-grade pastels like Alphacolor, SMI, Heritage, Artist's Loft, or Loew-Cornell brands. I usually have some individual sticks of Rembrandts and NupasteIs on hand to sell at my cost. Lynn's of Madison will give you a 10% discount on non-sale items if you bring in this supply list. I will be providing all the of the paper we use. Feel free to email me or give me a call if you have any questions. I look forward to spending a "magical," creative day with you at Olbrich! Please bring a bag lunch.

Supply List
1) Hard-medium hard pastel sticks, 36 different colors minimum; bring more if you have them.
2) Soft pastels, 24 different colors minimum; bring more if you have them.
3) Workable Fixative Spray (not varnish, clear coat, etc. Make sure the can says workable fixative).
4) Masking tape (ordinary beige, not blue or green)
5) Small tray to hold your chosen palette of colors while working (old cake pan, ice cream bucket lid, etc)
6) Clean rag or washcloth in a zip-lock bag for finger clean-up
7) Pencil and small sketchbook or a few sheets of plain paper
8) Newspapers or glassine or wax paper for bringing your works home safely
9) Your own photographic references and/or sketches in a variety of nature-based subjects (I will bring extras in case you have trouble with this). Please do not bring copyrighted materials like note cards, calendars, magazine images.
10) Kneadable rubber eraser

1) Table or floor easel that will hold your board upright (vertical) that you can easily transport. There will be some tripod table easels on hand if you don't have your own.
2) Additional pastels of different densities, pastel pencils, etc.
3) Small drawing board (13 x 17, 15 x 16, 16 x 20 etc). A smooth hardboard or plywood panel cut to size is an inexpensive alternative to ready-made boards. Several layers of newsprint padding is a good idea. Note: I will bring several of these if you don't have one.
4) soft vine or willow charcoal (not compressed charcoal)
5) retractible eraser (pen-style)

These are some of the brand names to look for in pastel products:
Soft Pastels - Hard to Medium density: Nupastels by Prismacolor (NOT Neopastels), Van Gogh, Holbein, Cretacolor, Pastels Girault. Avoid sets that cost less than $15 for 24 colors as they are usually junk (sorry!)
Soft Pastels - Medium Soft to Extra-Soft density: Rembrandt, Great American Art Works, Art Spectrum, Daler-Rowney, Unison, Winsor and Newton, Schmincke, Sennelier, Gallery, Unison, Diane Townsend, Terry Ludwig
Pastel Pencils: Conte, Carb-Othello (Schwan-Stabilo), Van Gogh, Faber-Castell, Derwent, Cretacolor
Pastel/Charcoal Papers (not needed for this workshop - all paper is provided): Strathmore 500 Charcoal, Canson Mi-Tientes, Canson Ingres, Fabriano Tiziano, Sennelier La Carte, Hahnemuhle Ingres, velour papers, U-Art, True Grit, Richeson, Ampersand pastelboard, Art Spectrum Colourfix


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