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Details for Beginning Relief Printmaking

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Evjue Commons Olbrich Gardens3330 Atwood AvenueMadison, WI, 53704(608)246-4733

Beginning Relief Printmaking

-ADULT WORKSHOP- Ages 18 and up

Students Supply List:
- An image(s) or design(s) you are interested in making into a print, something that you want to make multiple copies of for a greeting card or as a framed image. Common bird or floral images may be a good place to begin or a geometric design or pattern.
- soft leaded pencil or charcoal stick or carbon paper
- small 3" x 5", or 4" x 6" soft cut block or mounted or un-mounted linoleum
- Speedball cutting tool set
- wooden spoon if you have an old one
- Papers - recommendations ( Masa paper and student grade Subi print papers will be provided.)
Tracing paper or copier paper
Proofing papers can be plain newsprint, or other lightweight drawing paper in White, Off-white, Cream. Bring what you have, this will be used for designing and proofing your work in progress.
Papers for printing may be purchased as a tablet of printing paper or as larger format papers to be cut or torn down, appropriate for your image size. Larger format single sheet paper may include; Canson Mi-Tientes papers, (assortment of colors available) Arches Textwove (Velin), Rives Hwt, Mohawk Superfine, and Japanese papers; Masa, mulberry, kitikotta, sekishu – I do not recommend those that look like lace. Any additional miscellaneous papers based on personal preferences. Smoother papers work better than highly textured - rough paper.

This process involves inking the cut surface and printing onto paper. We will be using water based inks. I will provide inks, inking surfaces, (plexiglass) and brayers, if you have any of these, you are encouraged to bring them as well.

General Supplies:
Comfortable shoes and clothing
Smock, apron or old shirt to protect clothing
Rubber gloves as preferred when using inks and charcoal
Leather work gloves or glove for non-dominate hand while carving
Safety Glasses - recommended
Garbage bag or sheet of plastic to transfer papers home if damp

Any additional questions, please feel free to email or phone, thanks. ~Jackie Hefty
whisper@tds.net or (608)848-9761


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